A 30-Second Clip of the Future

I looked everywhere around me yet I failed to see anything. Was I within an abyss? Or perhaps I became a prison of darkness for eternity?

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Emilia’s eyes slowly opened as the sunlight caressed her porcelain skin; the birds outside chirped and sang a hymn of praise dedicated to their kin. In an instant she knew—today she would not feel blue. Within, her heart was at ease and her shoulders were so light she worried the world ceased to exist. She... Continue Reading →

“Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas!” Loud jolly music blasted from the black boxes lined in front of a huge rectangular space in which creatures were moving to and from; their slender arms pointed everywhere while their shoulders shook with laughter after opening what seemed like their mouth. Everywhere I looked, there were bright lights winking at me and... Continue Reading →


Quotidian Inhale. Exhale. With every tick of the clock and breathe of air, the tension in my body slowly receded and in the depths of my soul it returned to its peaceful slumber; my trembling body came to a halt and the tight grip of my already white knuckles loosened. There, there. Everything was fine...... Continue Reading →


The night was not young and the streets outside were as quiet as one could be; the owl, with its voice filled with knowledge and intelligence, sung throughout the woods accompanied by the harmony of crickets and the swish of the dancing trees. Near it, a lone dimly lit bungalow stood accompanied by a poorly... Continue Reading →


"You are you," he said while his eyes stared at the dark, night sky. "You, alone, can know what you want to be and how you can achieve it. Only you know the answers to all your questions." My gaze lingered on his face as the cool wind caressed our skin. His words hit me... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

This is not a post with a story but just one that contains a greeting: Merry Christmas! I suppose for Christmas, the story I wrote about Santa Claus and the zombies is sufficient for the time being.

Merry Christmas

"Hohoh—," a joyous voice echoed from above the dark, vast ocean accompanied by the jingle of bells. Clearing his throat after experiencing a bit of a cough, the old man tried yet again. "Hohoho." A deep sigh escaped from his chapped lips as his aged eyes gazed with sorrow at the silhouette of the first... Continue Reading →

Possession (pt. 1)

Suit? Check. Tie? Check. Determination? Uh... check. Straightening my posture as I mentally check the things I needed for today, I gulped, shook my head to clear any unnecessary thoughts, and proceeded to knock on the decrepit wooden door. Immediately, a cacophony of screams of pain and terror roared from within the room as the... Continue Reading →

The Grand Finale

Tik, tok. Tik, tok. Hearing the comforting sound of the old hanging clock, I closed my eyes and savored my luck. My eyelids felt heavy, my consciousness was hazy; my hands quivered while I reminded myself that everything was tidy. It was a game, I suppose—one that started with a cause. The main goal was... Continue Reading →

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