A 30-Second Clip of the Future

I looked everywhere around me yet I failed to see anything. Was I within an abyss? Or perhaps I became a prison of darkness for eternity?

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Merry Christmas

"Hohoh—," a joyous voice echoed from above the dark, vast ocean accompanied by the jingle of bells. Clearing his throat after experiencing a bit of a cough, the old man tried yet again. "Hohoho." A deep sigh escaped from his chapped lips as his aged eyes gazed with sorrow at the silhouette of the first... Continue Reading →

Possession (pt. 1)

Suit? Check. Tie? Check. Determination? Uh... check. Straightening my posture as I mentally check the things I needed for today, I gulped, shook my head to clear any unnecessary thoughts, and proceeded to knock on the decrepit wooden door. Immediately, a cacophony of screams of pain and terror roared from within the room as the... Continue Reading →

The Grand Finale

Tik, tok. Tik, tok. Hearing the comforting sound of the old hanging clock, I closed my eyes and savored my luck. My eyelids felt heavy, my consciousness was hazy; my hands quivered while I reminded myself that everything was tidy. It was a game, I suppose—one that started with a cause. The main goal was... Continue Reading →

“Sir, you’ve been in a coma.”

"Father, isn't this view beautiful?" Anna asked me with sadness lurking beneath the cheerful facade of her sweet voice. Her petite frame stood at my right while the summer breeze fluttered around us; her short auburn hair subtly followed the direction of the wind as if it wanted to play with it. Looking at my... Continue Reading →

36 hours

Five more minutes. Taking a deep breath, a middle-aged man stood a few centimeters from a dimly lighted post; the cold wind kissed his pale cheeks as it danced with the strands of his chestnut brown hair. His hooded eyes which housed years of grief, anguish and longingness gazed at a distance, towards the lively... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of the Future

"M-mom? Mom!" A child shouted; his voice joining the brewing cacophony in the background while his skinny little arms cradled the bloody corpse of his beloved mother. Her face was stuck in an expression of fear and pain and her emerald eyes had already lost the light of life within it. "Dad? Come back!" Another... Continue Reading →

Grim Reaper of the Universe

Click, clack. The sound of the rusting chains echoed as my numbed, shackled feet slowly walked their way towards the end of the icy cold, dark space. My dark, hooded eyes focused at the bright light which shined from the very end of the agonizing path. 'Which universe will come to an end today?', I... Continue Reading →

The Terrible Old Man

Oh, hello! How is it going? It's been ages! Me? I'm fine, just chilling at the bar and hoping to relieve my stress from an eventful week. Is that right? You've decided to live in this little town for good? That's great! This is a pretty peaceful place and everybody's really friendly. Just... don't let... Continue Reading →

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