A 30-Second Clip of the Future

I looked everywhere around me yet I failed to see anything.

Was I within an abyss? Or perhaps I became a prison of darkness for eternity?

My feet refused to move every time a faint hint of bravery blessed my being for fear of what lay beyond the spot I was standing on. There was no trace of wind or sound and I could feel my sanity drifting away from me with every second. To my dismay, waiting was all I could do while I was paralyzed with terror of the unknown and uncertainty.

I felt my heart beat fast within me as my consciousness of time started to fade away.

I wondered how long had I been inside this place. It felt like a millennium had passed and my memory of what was beyond this hellish place started to rot away.

Biting my lips and clenching my fists, I finally decided to move a step forward. The idea of being a victim of whatever dwelt ahead was more enticing than spending all eternity standing on the same spot. The sound of my thumping heart nearly made me deaf as I cursed myself for whatever might happen in advanced. Without further ado, I placed my right foot forward expecting it to be gone the moment I stepped on the concrete.

I was wrong.

It wasn’t my right foot that was engulfed by darkness; it was my whole body. I was falling down towards the bottom of this nightmare when suddenly, I heard a glass break.

My eyes swiftly opened and my body jerked up from the bed I was lying on; my gaze scanned my whole room for the cause of the sound despite the lack of light source. After a few seconds of trying to calm myself and allowing my eyes to adjust to the dark, I had regained control of my thoughts and stared directly on the ground near the window.

There it is again; a wooden box that housed a flash drive which contains a glimpse of my future. Like every month, the ritual of placing it inside people’s houses at midnight continued although nobody really knew how it started. It just happened eight months ago where people randomly saw the box at a place around their house. For fear of a maniac on the loose, people have tried blocking any entrance to their homes and placing wood to cover their windows from the outside.

Everything failed, though.

The contents of the video was only a clip of about 30 seconds featuring the recipient in a scene that they have never experienced before. At the start, it was dismissed as a mere joke and nothing to be taken seriously. Things changed, however, the moment those videos started to happen some time in people’s lives.

Trying hard not to lose my balance because of drowsiness, I picked up the fairly light wooden box and slid the compartment that stored the flash drive. I sat on the bed as my hands reached for the laptop placed on top of the table beside it and turned it on. My emerald eyes scanned the flash drive as my mind was flooded with all kinds of questions regarding what it contained inside. Glancing back to my laptop screen, I typed my password and plugged the drive to it.

I couldn’t help but feel intrigued about what the delivery this month would reveal to me. The past eight months showed fairly happy moments; all of which I had experienced days or several weeks after I saw them. Surely, there wasn’t anything bad within it, no?

I clicked the sole content of the flash as uneasiness touched my consciousness. The video took a bit slower than usual to load leaving me alone with my demons with every tick of the clock on the wall.

Finally, the video loaded.

The footage seemed to be a blur at first, then it slowly came into focus showing a dark, messy room. I inched closer to the gadget to hear a faint sound which, after a brief moment of listening, alerted me that it was a muffled crying. As the light increased, the footage became clearer and there, a man, with the same brown hair as I, sat on the chair; his arms and feet were tied, a cloth on his mouth and a blindfold was placed on his eyes. His pale skin was glistening under the light and he was struggling to try to free himself. Then, a person appeared in the scene with his face covered by a black mask to hide his features. After him, a table filled with all sorts of equipment ranging from needles, knives, to hammers and saws all came into view as the camera faced towards its direction.

The masked man laughed with a voice filled with malice and hatred which sent chills to the back of my spine. My body shook for a bit as I took in the scene before me. The man sauntered around the chair where the captive was sitting as if the former was a predator and the latter, a prey.

“What should I first do with you?”, the masked man said with a voice I knew all too well. “Should I gouge your eyes? No, it wouldn’t be any fun. You need to see what I will do to you.”

The man sitting on the chair shook more compared to before while trying to scream yet he didn’t make much sound. His body tried to move side to side in an attempt to do anything that would allow him a chance to escape.

“Good, good!” Exclaimed the predator. “You’ll do that more later. Scream–I mean. You’ll wish you were never born in this rotten earth. Perhaps I’ll start pulling each of your fingernails out… what do you think?”

As the masked man laughed, the other desperately tried to do anything to escape from his captor. Then, the excuse of a human reached his hand towards the blindfold of the poor soul had realized that he would never be able to escape. As the blindfold was removed, I saw a person who was the spitting image of me with fear residing within the same emerald eyes. Tears flowed down his unblemished cheeks as if there were no tomorrow while his face contorted to that of someone who was feeling a wave of emotions roar within him.

While the video hurried to an end, I came to a realization that what was seen could never be changed. Just like the other videos in the past eight months. It didn’t matter when; it would always happen without fail. It was like the same nightmare that pestered me every time the package was to be delivered. I was now trapped in the abyss to rid me of my humanity and sense of self. Just like there, it wasn’t only a part of me that was eaten by the darkness.

It was me as a whole.

After all, it’s about time I do something and get rid of my twin brother, don’t you think?


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