It’s sad, don’t you think?

It’s sad, don’t you think?

Thousands of people had forgotten their dreams; buried them into the abyss of their own souls. Their dreams were hidden so deep, not even words of encouragement could reach them. I wondered, though, how everyone could wake up each morning and not feel an ache whenever they saw the image that looked back at them from the mirror wasn’t the ‘them’ they had imagined they would be?

Each day, they continued as if their bodies were but a lifeless puppet. It was merely a vessel that only existed to imprison their once delusional souls.

Had they forgotten those times when they would answer without hesitation what they wanted to be when they were young? Those childhood moments where you were filled with hope for tomorrow? Those times where you had a clear picture of what you would be when you grew up?

Now, could you still see it?

We had created an image for the future and dreamt for it to happen. Of course, we knew that we would fulfill our goal one day. We assured ourselves with fibs that several years from now, if we just wait and work hard for it, those dreams would become our reality. After all, each one of us wanted to be something at the end of the road, right?

However, why did it seem that the majority of people had lost the shine in their eyes?

Somebody once said that the richest place in the earth was the graveyard, for there, thousands of dreams could be found. Along with their remains lay the hopes that were never acted upon. Those people were once alive, creating memories along the way, just like you and me. Sadly, if we looked at it, humans ranging from young and old, male and female—a lot were following the footsteps of the dead.

At times, it made me think. Why did people turn into living corpses whose only purpose was to survive yet another day and had no direction in life?

I once observed strangers that had walked pass the bench I was sitting on. They were always in such a hurry, with no time of pausing just to notice the beauty of their surroundings. Some were heading to a meeting about business, some were running to avoid being late. What stood out to me from all the ordinary things that I saw was the look in their face.

Their dull, lifeless eyes looked anything but unusual; their face devoid of emotion. It was as if beneath the masks they wore was the real them unsure of everything. It was a scene I frequently encountered and was part of my everyday life, but looking at it now, I felt that hidden within the façade they showed was something far more important.

Inside them, a little child of the past was chained for eternity. A person once filled with ideas had become a mute that couldn’t speak for himself. A kid filled with certainty about a lot of things in the past now doubted everything. An individual that had been full of stories to tell didn’t even know his own story anymore.

How did we end up like this?

Before, it was a mystery to me how a soul’s path would stray towards the darkness. I knew that they had their lights which guided them to walk freely, but it seemed that the illumination had vanished and they were left to find the way all alone. Slowly, the black void engulfed them as a whole.

Was it society that had blew their flame into nothingness? Or was it their own self that had drowned the fire?

Personally, my answer was both. Society frowned upon those whose ideas and thoughts were different. A little boy who once dreamt of being an artist had now ditched it due to what the society had imposed on his mind. Be a doctor, they said, or you would never achieve anything. Words of discouragement were bombarded to an innocent lad, making him not so sure of what he wanted to be. His uncertainty was used against him by others as they continuously planted the seeds of their ideals.

However, there was a saying that a boat could never sink unless the water entered it. Same in this situation, the boy would not waver if he didn’t let those negativity inside. But he did. Not just him, everyone did.

Thinking about these things while I relished my own personal peace, I was able to understand them even just a bit. I was able to know the root of such thing and what has murdered the unsuspecting ones. Now, I thought, that even though I knew about it years ago, I couldn’t save anything.

It’s sad, don’t you think? That I, too, was a living corpse with no dreams of the future.


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