This is a website where I can post my short stories which usually are written due to prompts found here and there, or perhaps because of the influence of a music, sound, or just an idea.

You can check my posts in this subreddit as well:


As for my original stories, you can see them here:

HinagikuAthenaKatsur – Wattpad

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A bit of personal information:

I’ve been writing for 6-7 years. It all started with a simple contest which I won with my first writing and now we’re here.

I think of writing as a powerful skill which allows someone to manipulate the emotions, mindsets and perspectives of others which further influence their actions and decisions in life. The main reason why I have decided to write is to be able to tell all sorts of stories–mainly tragedy. If you’ll read my works, almost all of them ends at a sad or depressing note.

The reason for this is because I want to write about the misery of characters, their struggles, shortcomings and their madness. However, there will also be times where I write funny ones or those with a happy ending that will make you smile.

It’s all pretty random. One thing you’ll probably see me do rarely is write about romance; it’s just not my cup of tea.

When reading my writings, I want to be able to inspire you to become a better you, to cry as if there were no tomorrow, to laugh like a lunatic, to realize a different perspective from yours, to help you grow as a person and if possible, to help others live or feel alive. If I can save someone from dying just because they read my works, I’ll feel really, really blessed.

Anyway, this is becoming lengthy.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my works.


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