“Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas!” Loud jolly music blasted from the black boxes lined in front of a huge rectangular space in which creatures were moving to and from; their slender arms pointed everywhere while their shoulders shook with laughter after opening what seemed like their mouth. Everywhere I looked, there were bright lights winking at me and... Continue Reading →


“Sir, you’ve been in a coma.”

"Father, isn't this view beautiful?" Anna asked me with sadness lurking beneath the cheerful facade of her sweet voice. Her petite frame stood at my right while the summer breeze fluttered around us; her short auburn hair subtly followed the direction of the wind as if it wanted to play with it. Looking at my... Continue Reading →

36 hours

Five more minutes. Taking a deep breath, a middle-aged man stood a few centimeters from a dimly lighted post; the cold wind kissed his pale cheeks as it danced with the strands of his chestnut brown hair. His hooded eyes which housed years of grief, anguish and longingness gazed at a distance, towards the lively... Continue Reading →

Worst Way to Die

They were all dead. I kept on repeating the mantra while I stared at the ceiling of my cramped room with the moonlight as the only source of illumination; a foul odor lingered in my nose as a result of poor hygiene due to the days of my confinement and withdrawal from society. Remembering the... Continue Reading →

Eulogy For My Son

Innocence, kindness, and intelligence; those were the qualities my son possessed. Levi was a great kid. From the beginning of our journey as father and son, he never cried too much at night. It was as if he knew the amount of responsibilities a single father had to shoulder and he chose not to add... Continue Reading →


"All right everyone," I said while I positioned myself and held the camera in front of my family. "Say cheese." "Cheese!" They exclaimed with a bright smile on my wife and daughter's faces. Snap. After the flash, the polaroid camera started to print the picture that was taken on the film which boasted a blank... Continue Reading →

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