Merry Christmas

"Hohoh—," a joyous voice echoed from above the dark, vast ocean accompanied by the jingle of bells. Clearing his throat after experiencing a bit of a cough, the old man tried yet again. "Hohoho." A deep sigh escaped from his chapped lips as his aged eyes gazed with sorrow at the silhouette of the first... Continue Reading →


Grim Reaper of the Universe

Click, clack. The sound of the rusting chains echoed as my numbed, shackled feet slowly walked their way towards the end of the icy cold, dark space. My dark, hooded eyes focused at the bright light which shined from the very end of the agonizing path. 'Which universe will come to an end today?', I... Continue Reading →

Pocket Watch that freezes Time

3, 2, 1. "Stop," I muttered while leaning my back onto the grey wall; the hood of my maroon jacket aided in covering the upper half of my face as my fingers pulled the crown of the old pocket watch hidden within my grip. As if on cue, everything around me stopped. Looking around, the... Continue Reading →

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