“Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas!” Loud jolly music blasted from the black boxes lined in front of a huge rectangular space in which creatures were moving to and from; their slender arms pointed everywhere while their shoulders shook with laughter after opening what seemed like their mouth. Everywhere I looked, there were bright lights winking at me and... Continue Reading →



"You are you," he said while his eyes stared at the dark, night sky. "You, alone, can know what you want to be and how you can achieve it. Only you know the answers to all your questions." My gaze lingered on his face as the cool wind caressed our skin. His words hit me... Continue Reading →

Possession (pt. 1)

Suit? Check. Tie? Check. Determination? Uh... check. Straightening my posture as I mentally check the things I needed for today, I gulped, shook my head to clear any unnecessary thoughts, and proceeded to knock on the decrepit wooden door. Immediately, a cacophony of screams of pain and terror roared from within the room as the... Continue Reading →

The Grand Finale

Tik, tok. Tik, tok. Hearing the comforting sound of the old hanging clock, I closed my eyes and savored my luck. My eyelids felt heavy, my consciousness was hazy; my hands quivered while I reminded myself that everything was tidy. It was a game, I suppose—one that started with a cause. The main goal was... Continue Reading →

“Sir, you’ve been in a coma.”

"Father, isn't this view beautiful?" Anna asked me with sadness lurking beneath the cheerful facade of her sweet voice. Her petite frame stood at my right while the summer breeze fluttered around us; her short auburn hair subtly followed the direction of the wind as if it wanted to play with it. Looking at my... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of the Future

"M-mom? Mom!" A child shouted; his voice joining the brewing cacophony in the background while his skinny little arms cradled the bloody corpse of his beloved mother. Her face was stuck in an expression of fear and pain and her emerald eyes had already lost the light of life within it. "Dad? Come back!" Another... Continue Reading →

Pocket Watch that freezes Time

3, 2, 1. "Stop," I muttered while leaning my back onto the grey wall; the hood of my maroon jacket aided in covering the upper half of my face as my fingers pulled the crown of the old pocket watch hidden within my grip. As if on cue, everything around me stopped. Looking around, the... Continue Reading →

Worst Way to Die

They were all dead. I kept on repeating the mantra while I stared at the ceiling of my cramped room with the moonlight as the only source of illumination; a foul odor lingered in my nose as a result of poor hygiene due to the days of my confinement and withdrawal from society. Remembering the... Continue Reading →

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