Emilia’s eyes slowly opened as the sunlight caressed her porcelain skin; the birds outside chirped and sang a hymn of praise dedicated to their kin. In an instant she knew—today she would not feel blue. Within, her heart was at ease and her shoulders were so light she worried the world ceased to exist. She... Continue Reading →


The Grand Finale

Tik, tok. Tik, tok. Hearing the comforting sound of the old hanging clock, I closed my eyes and savored my luck. My eyelids felt heavy, my consciousness was hazy; my hands quivered while I reminded myself that everything was tidy. It was a game, I suppose—one that started with a cause. The main goal was... Continue Reading →

Worst Way to Die

They were all dead. I kept on repeating the mantra while I stared at the ceiling of my cramped room with the moonlight as the only source of illumination; a foul odor lingered in my nose as a result of poor hygiene due to the days of my confinement and withdrawal from society. Remembering the... Continue Reading →

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