Grim Reaper of the Universe

Click, clack. The sound of the rusting chains echoed as my numbed, shackled feet slowly walked their way towards the end of the icy cold, dark space. My dark, hooded eyes focused at the bright light which shined from the very end of the agonizing path. 'Which universe will come to an end today?', I... Continue Reading →

Eulogy For My Son

Innocence, kindness, and intelligence; those were the qualities my son possessed. Levi was a great kid. From the beginning of our journey as father and son, he never cried too much at night. It was as if he knew the amount of responsibilities a single father had to shoulder and he chose not to add... Continue Reading →

A Desperate Wish

The pen I was holding danced with grace as it left black marks on the once blank piece of paper. My hand moved as though it has a life of its own, and acted without paying any heed from where it was truly attached. I couldn't seem to control what I wrote, but I knew... Continue Reading →

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