Quotidian Inhale. Exhale. With every tick of the clock and breathe of air, the tension in my body slowly receded and in the depths of my soul it returned to its peaceful slumber; my trembling body came to a halt and the tight grip of my already white knuckles loosened. There, there. Everything was fine...... Continue Reading →



The night was not young and the streets outside were as quiet as one could be; the owl, with its voice filled with knowledge and intelligence, sung throughout the woods accompanied by the harmony of crickets and the swish of the dancing trees. Near it, a lone dimly lit bungalow stood accompanied by a poorly... Continue Reading →

Pocket Watch that freezes Time

3, 2, 1. "Stop," I muttered while leaning my back onto the grey wall; the hood of my maroon jacket aided in covering the upper half of my face as my fingers pulled the crown of the old pocket watch hidden within my grip. As if on cue, everything around me stopped. Looking around, the... Continue Reading →

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